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X-Charge Merchant Processing

OWL Software and X-Charge have partnered to bring you low cost, credit card processing that can be accomplished directly from within Simple Business Invoicing and Inventory. You'll save time and money because you won't have to retype information into separate credit card software or buy a separate credit card terminal. And best of all, X-Charge is Free!

Get started today! Follow these simple steps.

  1. Contact Open Edge at 800=637-8268 .  You may asked to provide a recent merchant statement to determine the best rates that can be provided.  A detailed comparison will be prepared for you to show you the significant savings you can achieve. 
  2. After reviewing their proposal, sign a merchant agreement with X-Charge.
  3. X-Charge will assist you with the installation and setup of their software.

Once the X-Charge software is setup, each time you process an invoice in SBII, you will be able to click the Process Credit Card button. SBII will then launch the X-Charge system with the address, zip code and amount of the charge pre-filled in.