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About OWL Software

Celebrating 22 Years of easy-to-use software

Established in 1987, OWL Software ('Otto-Williams Ltd.) is committed to producing easy-to-use software solutions that meet the challenges of today's fast paced world. At OWL, we listen to our customers and design our programs to be intuitive. For you, our customers, this means short learning curves and immediate productivity.

Our commitment to producing easy to use software has been recognized with top ratings from the Financial Times, PC World, Computer Novice, Computer Edge and Market Research. The central theme to all of these top ratings is the quality and ease of use of our programs.

But more importantly, users in 67 countries have recognized our commitment to producing programs that are both powerful and easy-to-use, saying:

At OWL, it is not simply a matter of producing quality software at a competitive price. We are also committed to insuring that users know what they are buying and that it will meet their requirements. To accomplish this, all of our programs are available to try before you buy.