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Holiday Card Organizer Holiday Card Organizer 2.0.5

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Holiday Card OrganizerNever send another belated greeting card!

OWL Holiday Card Organizer (HCO) is a simple program that helps manage their holiday greeting card mailings.  From Valentines day through Christmas, and for anniversaries and birthdays you will always have a headstart on buying and mailing your greeting cards.

HCO allows users to create an address book containing names and addresses of family, friends, loved ones and associates. Each name is flagged to indicate the holidays and events for which that individual should receive a greeting card or other mailing.   Once the address book has been created, address labels may be printed for a specified holiday by simply selecting that holiday in the “Print Holiday card mailing list management software screen sample.Labels” menu.  In the case of birthdays and anniversaries, the user is prompted to enter a date span (e.g., a month), and the program prints all the labels for anniversaries, birthdays and other dated events for that period.

The “Reminders” menu prints a listing of the names that are included for each holiday which can be used when shopping for greeting cards, etc.

Click here to download the OWL Holiday Card Organizer Version 2.0.5 released January 26, 2008

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