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Downloading Stock Quotes FAQ

On November 1, 2017 Yahoo disabled the only remaining working capability for downloading quotes directly from within Master Investor and Personal Portfolio Manager. Quotes can still be downloaded from Yahoo Finance using your internet brwoser and then imported into MI or PPM.

To download current quotes into a file that can then be imported, create a portfolio on Yahoo Finance which includes all the symbols you want to download. You will need a free Yahoo account to do this. Once the portfolio is created, you can display it and click the "export" link to download the quote file. Always make a note of the file name downloaded because you will need to use it when importing the file. We suggest you download the file to your desktop so that it can be easily located.

Create a new import format within MI or PPM by choosing Setup / Add Delimited Format on the import quotes window.

The parameters for the format are as follows:

Import Screen


If you are not getting all the quotes you think you should, check the following:

Importing Quotes

MI and PPM are designed to reject records that may contain invalid or improperly formatted data. For this reason, there are several items that must be setup correctly to successfully import quotes. Master Investor Import Quotes Screen Sample

If you are unable to determine the format of an import file, just send us the file as an email attachment. We will examine the file to determine the appropriate setup.